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Eriksen JG, Bjørndal K, Johansen J and Godballe C
No impact of age, co-morbidity and WHO performance on delay of treatment in patients undergoing Fast-Track work-up for head and neck cancer (H&N) A cohort study of 257 consecutive H&N patients from the Region of Southern Denmark
Abstract, International Society of Geriatric Oncology 2014.
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Introduction: Fast-track programmes for diagnostic work-up and start of cancer treatment are now mandatory in Denmark. By a national health declaration, time from first entry into the ENT department to start of treatment for head and neck cancer must not exceed 22 days when surgery is the primary treatment, and 26 days for primary radiotherapy. The fast-track programmes are offered to all patients irrespectively of age, comorbidity, or WHO performance status. The ability to cope with a fast diagnostic set-up might be challenging for elderly patients.
Objectives: The aim of the present study is to evaluate if age, comorbidity and WHO performance status result in delayed diagnostic work-up and start of treatment for H&N cancer patients at Odense University Hospital.
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